Create form handlers with no code.

A form should look as you want and work flawlessly.
No code, no SPAM, no headaches. 100% whitelabel & privacy-focused.

Give it a try! Join the private beta.

How it works

POST2 is a form backend service you can create with no code in less than 2 minutes.

  1. 1
    Create the new POST2 form handler (~ 1 minute)
  2. 2
    Point your form to the POST2 endpoint (~ 30 seconds)
  3. That's all 🙌
POST2 service diagram

POST2 processes your form submissions, filters out SPAM, validates the data and sends it to you.
The visitor receives a confirmation message or gets redirected to a thank you page.

The submitted data is neither stored nor collected.

The submitted data is sent to you via Email, into Google Sheets, Notion, Airtable (more to come) or to a Webhook.

"Wait! I can build this myself."

Yes, absolutely! Just ...

How much time …

… you waste (re)writing the backend code, erm, plus just some minor tweaks?

… you waste debugging when form submission emails not being received all of a sudden? (shared hosts, bad sender IP reputation)

… you need to build & deploy an external handler when no backend available? (static sites, GitHub Pages, Vercel, AWS S3)

How frustrating …

… is it to receive tons of SPAM submissions from your website forms?

… is it to miss submissions because email notifications get into the Junk folder?

… is it to realize a form silently stopped working weeks ago?

… is it to find out you could avoid it?

POST2 helps you save time and frustration.

It's not a form builder.

POST2 is a secure & reliable no code backend service.
You'll still have to code the HTML forms.


Works best for contact forms, lead generation forms or quizzes.

Privacy Goes First

The data submitted is neither stored nor collected in any manner. GDPR compliant.

SPAM Protection

All the submissions are filtered for SPAM. No CAPTCHA. Website referrer, IP or country restrictions can be set.

Data Validation

Set up data validation rules without code, customize errors, email address validation is built-in.

Email Deliverability

All the form submission notifications will reach the inbox, not the junk folder.

Platform Agnostic

Works with static sites, Jamstack, WordPress, GitHub Pages, Vercel, or the platform of your choice.

Dependable & Secure

Built on AWS, guaranteed reliability, comprehensive security and compliance controls.

No Branding

Fully customizable email notification template, no "powered by" branding.

Health Dashboard

Keep an eye on the numbers, use our dashboard to monitor form health.


Set up a fully customizable autoresponse to the person who submitted the form.

Success / Redirect

Customizable "thank you" page, or redirect to a specific page on successful submission.


Enhance the UI/UX of the forms, submit data without reloading the page.

File Uploads

Accepts multipart/form-data encoding if you want to include a file upload field.

Early access pricing

Sign up during the private beta and get advantage of a special introductory price.

$30/year (yup! per year)

- OR - $120/year for all the features & unlimited use

During the private beta you won't be charged. No credit card upfront.

Sorry, there's no free plan. When a service is free you are the product.

Hey 👋🏼, I'm Stefan

I'm an indie developer, I built thousands of forms in the past 15 years.
I believe a form should look as you want and work flawlessly.

You don't need to waste time writing boring code.

You don't need to care about platforms or frameworks.

You don't need to deal with fake/spammy form submissions.

You don't need to punish the visitors with CAPTCHAs to fight SPAM.

You don't need to worry about privacy & security of the submitted data.

You don't need to be concerned the form may stop working all of a sudden.

You don't need to figure out why email notifications are not reaching the inbox.

You don't need to spend extra time integrating with other services.

You don't even need to be a developer.

You just set it & forget it.

That's why I'm running POST2.

Stefan Olaru

Stefan Olaru